2017.06.02 16:45

Dear 선생님 이름앞에 Mr. Mrs.쓰시고
Good Morning (인삿말 쓰시고, 본인의 정체를 말씀 하시고),
I am John's mother.
Thank you for  improving John's pronounciation.

I was told that John did not require to enroll in summer school.
Instead, He has alreay enrolled in church summer camp.
As you advised, it would be beneficial to John to take the speech class at  XX summer school.

Since John's summer camp starts at 9:00. Is it possible John to take speech class between 8:30-8:50
or 8:40 -9:00 in the morning?

And, Oh, It just occured to me that John made the appreciaiont card by himself for appreciation's
 day for you but carried for over two weeks, I will remind him if you give me the date for next meeting
with John.

Appreciate your concern and caring.............

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